Gaël Horellou began his professional career in 1992 in Lower Normandy.

In 1994 he joined Collectif MU and helped to set up the Crescent Jazz Club in Macon, where he has shared the stage with numerous performers, including Lolo Bellonzi, Luigi Trussardi, Wayne Dockery, Eric Lelann, Steve Grossman, Peter King and Ricardo Del Fra.

A pioneer of electro-jazz in the late 90s with Cosmik Connection and Laurent de Wilde, he remains equally devoted to "straight-ahead" jazz, recording a number of albums in this genre, such as "Pour la Terre" and "Brooklyn" featuring Ari Hoenig, and "Legacy" featuring Abraham Burton. A keen student of Barry Harris since 2002, he works as an instructor across France.

Gaël Horellou takes part in the Jazz Sessions organised by Steuer in Paris, and plays with Steuer’s Alto Jazz model. Jazz Session organisées par Steuer à Paris et joue le modèle Alto Jazz de Steuer.