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Designed by Marc Charpentier, the Exclusive reed for B-flat clarinet is the first model to be bevelled exclusively in the direction of growth of the reed. This unique feature gives it first-class vibratory qualities and excellent longevity.

The Exclusive is cut from the core of a thick reed cane. With greater material density, it produces a warm sound, rich in harmonics. The bottom of the reed cane is indicated by a mark on the heel of the musical reed.

The Exclusive is intended for professional musicians.


High-end reed for demanding musicians.

Better stability over time thanks to its unique cut made in the direction of growth.

Full sound, rich harmonics, precise articulations.

Excellent response in all registers.

System: Boehm.

Available strengths: : 2 – 2,5 – 3 – 3,5 – 4

Instrument – Tonality : Clarinette – Sib

Reed cutting : 3,15 mm – 0,09 mm

Fabriqué en France – Roseau du Var – Agriculture respectant l’environnement – Aucun intrant chimique dans nos plantations – Taillé dans le sens de la pousse.

La Classic

Designed by Marc Charpentier, the Steuer Classic reed for B-flat clarinet suits all types of playing and responds to the musician from first use. jeux et répond au musicien dès les premiers essais.

The Classic reed has the same cut as the Exclusive model. Its innovative profile has been specially designed to provide great ease of play and very good projection.

The Classic suits amateur and experienced musicians.

Anche la plus couramment jouée Convient à tous les styles.

Répond dès les premiers essais.

Très bonne projection du son.

S’adapte à toutes les ouvertures de becs.

Available strengths: : 2 – 2,5 – 3 – 3,5 – 4

Instrument – Tonality : Clarinette – Sib

Reed cutting : 2,8 mm – 0,09 mm

Made in France – Var reed cane – Eco-friendly cultivation – No chemical inputs are used on our plantations